About MeiMei

After years of contributing to the tech world by building customer success and support teams for a few start ups, I decided to give my left brain a break.  The stress and anxiety of the fast-paced and high-demand job, where I was on call 24/7, had taken a toll on my physical self that the break was much needed.  

Sewing was, and still is, an outlet for me and I strive to create fun, practical, and comfortable items everyday.  I have found that when I’m exercising my creative side, the outside world is a little easier to cope with and I’m filled with a smile inside.  Cute items in particular, always brightens my day and I want to replicate that feeling for the recipients of my items.   

I initially started sewing kid joggers as gifts for friends that were having their first ones.  These joggers were very well received because they were fun and comfortable.  Friends then encouraged me to commercialize them, which was the start of my Etsy store last year.  

Being environmentally conscious is important to me, I wanted to make sure I don’t waste the fabric from past projects.  I’ve kept them all until one day it came to me that the cute fabrics could be made into buttons and turn the buttons into hair ties and hair clips for the little ones.  These were a big hit amongst friends, not just for their little ones but also for the adults young-at-heart.  Thus, I have added that to my offerings. 

While my anxiety is a lifelong condition, being able to offer my creations to others has been the perfect therapy and a good balance between work and self-care. 

 Me and my little one - Emerson. 

Me and my little one - Emerson.