The Gemma Tank | MadeByRae



PatternGemma Tank by MadeByRae

Fabric: hippos double gauze - 1 yard of 54" wide length

Bias Tape: made with the double gauze leftovers - used about 50" total 

Thread: cotton thread 

Since I've been on a craze about sewing stuff for ME, I wanted to practice some more on shirts/tops before moving on to another piece of clothing.  So, the search started on Instagram and Pinterest on what are popular top patterns other sewists are working on.  I read tons of posts about the Willow tank by Grainline Studio and had planned to work on that one.  But the day that I was about to start working on it, I couldn't remember the name and on Instagram I ended up finding the Gemma Tank by MadeByRae.  Similar enough, I went ahead and purchased the Gemma Tank for $12 and downloaded it digitally. 

I was a bit confused afterwards because the Gemma Tank download provides you with 2 versions, print at home version and copy shop formats.  Since I didn't read all the instructions before downloading it, I had no idea what to do when I opened the copy shop format and everything was in 1 page.  I had to go back to the order site and go through the instructions to know to use the print at home version, and the copy version is only used if you go to a print shop and ask them to print it in larger paper.   The other thing to keep in mind is that the link that's sent to you via email is only good for 5 downloads, so make sure save the download in your computer or in your cloud memory before your link expires. 

The pattern is very easy to read and super simple.  I was so happy about that!  The directions are also super detailed and very easy to follow.  I measured myself and determined I was size Large and I used the A/B cup pattern (so nice there's both options!)   The directions even tell me how to lay the pattern to make the most of my fabric!  All in all, this pattern has to be one of the easiest ones to understand that I've come across. 

I didn't make any changes to the pattern and it fit pretty well when the directions asked me to try it on Step 3 after I do the staystitch on neckline and armholes.  Now came the hemming the neck and arm holes, yikes! I'm always scared about this part because I'm dealing with small pieces of fabric and have to be super precise and slow or I'll end up with sewing lines all over the area.  So, little by little, stitch by stitch, I was able to finish adding bias tapes to each section and to be honest, I'm proud of how they came out! 

And look at that double-gauze fabric, how can you not like it?  It's hippos people, hippos!!! I got this fabric when I was shopping in Yong Le Fabric Market.  I wish I had more time there as it has many floors with everything you need to sew yourself all the projects you have in mind.  And the fabrics, OMG they are soooo adorable! Too bad this place is a 16-hour flight away from me (sadface).