Haori | Wiksten (Update)

This is an update to my earlier post on the “Kimono Jacket | Wiksten” which was renamed to the Wiksten Haori.

I have now made 7 jackets, 4 for myself, two for 2 different friends and one for a lady who asked me over IG. I just can’t get over how easy it is to make and how wonderful each one looks! But my update is more about the 4 I have made for myself. I was actually satisfied with the 3 that I had, see below for pictures.


My favorite one was the quilted cotton one, which I wore EVERYWHERE! So, on my last trip to Los Angeles, since it was during the winter time, I obviously brought it with me. I was in LA for about 4 days and honestly only was able to wear it one night since it’s never that cold down there. On my way back to San Francisco, I returned the rental car at Avis, and then headed to the airport. When I was at the airport, I realized I didn’t have my Haori and immediately call the Avis to tell them I was there 1/2 hour ago and left my jacket in the backseat. They directed my call to Lost and Found which was at a national level and I was so mad! All I wanted to was talk to someone at the local LAX Avis location and tell them to hold it so I can go back to retrieve the jacket. No matter how many times I called the LAX location, the automated message would then direct my call to their national call center. I was annoyed. Soon my flight was departing so I had to give up my efforts on finding my jacket.

For the next two weeks, I received emails from Avis with updates about my reported lost item and the update was “we have not found your item yet”. Then the emails stopped…

So, long story short, I lost my beloved Wiksten Haori. I was heartbroken. My favorite piece of handmade garment was now somewhere in this universe and I didn’t know where. I want to think someone saw the jacket and appreciated it as much as I did and now it’s in a good home and well taken care of. But there are days that I think it’s probably at the bottom of some dumpster… Happy thoughts I tell myself… happy thoughts please.

Two months pass by and I am on a trip to Hong Kong, visiting the Western Market, where the 2nd floor is full of silk fabric stores. I’m in heaven touching all these silky soft and gorgeous fabrics. I eyed a silk linen that was so buttery soft, I dreamt of being in heaven. I couldn’t go home without it. Next to it, this flowery silk that’s bold looking. I’ve never been a fan of flowery fabrics, but this one for some reason kept calling me. I turned to my husband and said - Wiksten Haori. He nods and I purchased 2 meters of each. With a huge grin on my face, we stroll downstairs, have some amazing desserts, and head back to the hotel room.

When we get back to San Francisco, I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas, staring at the washer doing its thing with the fabrics, swirling back and forth. I let the fabrics air dry, which doesn’t take as long as I thought. When I cut into the fabric, I tell myself “this is what good quality fabric feels like”. And the thing with the Haori pattern is that it’s so simple to make the next thing I know I was already putting the final touches to the jacket.

I tried it and it was perfection. Because of the fabrics used, the jacket felt so light and airy but structured enough that you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. And although it will never replace the quilted cotton one I lost, merely because they are so different in look and feel, I love this jacket just as much. It is now my go-to-jacket if I need to feel a little dressed up.


Hope I don’t lose this one! Or if I do, there’s a good samaritan that will return it to me. Maybe I should have a tag on it with my phone number and saying “if you have found me, return me to my owner at XXX-XXX-XXXX”.

Until next time!

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